Sharecar. Rent cars parked near you.

We provide rentals and ensure they run smoothly.

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What we offer

ShareCar is aimed as individuals as well as professionals. As an individual you can use our platform to rent your own car and start making money when you don’t need it. As a company we can provide you a customized space on ShareCar so you can start renting your unused vehicles to individuals or other companies.

Small Market:

Are you a car rental business, an independant a car dealer or a small repair shop ?
We can build your own personalized platform or directly rent your vehicles on your name.

Middle Market:

Reference your vehicles on our platform and attract new customers to your website by increasing your visibility through ShareCar.

Large Market:

Are you a global business or an alliance of several smaller businesses ?
We can build your own personalized platform that you will manage yourself.

Rent your vehicle from your couch in less than 3 minutes!

Register on our website and advertize your vehicle right away. It only takes a couple of minutes to do so.

Use your phone to rent your vehicle even more easily!

Use your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and create your advert even faster.

Find a vehicle amongst the thousands around you

Use your device of choice to browse thousands of cars available around you and rent your first car on ShareCar. Use your phone through all the process, from the vehicle pickup to its return.

Get the vehicle you rent in minutes

Using our app it just takes minutes to create your rental contrat before picking up your vehicle.

Coming soon to all your devices

ShareCar is available on all major platform: your computer through your web browser and your iPhone or Android phones.

We are growing fast

In 2 years we managed to develop the concept of ShareCar and opened a new office in the US.

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